tuning into reality 
Cape Town, South Africa

Getting food to hungry people - COVID-19 update and appeal.


Thank you so much for choosing a free Zen Coaching session and supporting the Tuning into Reality Cape Town social action project, where we provide food for families in townships who are in food crisis during these Coronavirus times.

A food parcel which feeds a family of 4 for 2 weeks costs about €25.
If we raise €12 000 we will be able to supply 80 families (320 people) with food parcels for the next 3 months. 

Click on the Donate button which  will take you to a Paypal interface where you can make your donation.  You can either pay with a Paypal account, or you can pay with with a credit card. If you want to donate in SA Rands, you can make an EFT to:
Standard Bank
Savings Account

Members of our Zen Coaching South Africa community have raised some funds and started a food distribution project in response to this disaster. We are supporting 60 families (240 people) living in townships with food parcels containing provisions to last 2 weeks. With your help we can expand that assistance to reach many more.


Volunteers from the Cape Town Zen Coaching sangha are assisting with shopping, packing and distributing, and our 5 Zen Coaching trainees from the townships have identified and distributed to those in need in their areas.

You can read about some of the recipients below.

We are very grateful for your support, thank you!


Mr and Mrs Magobhiyane

Both are unemployed and depend on their children for food. Their children are also now not working. "Kwanga kunganda apho nithate khona", he said, meaning "May the place from which you took be re-filled to overflowing"



This brother did not want to show his face. Two of his siblings passed away not long ago and he is looking after their children. He immediately called his neighbour and shared some of his food. "A hand that is blessed, blesses others in order to receive more," that's what he said.

Ntombentsha Pongoma.jpg

Ntombensha Pongoma

A single mother of 2, who was retrenched a few years back and has been looking for work ever since. I spent an hour with her listening to her challenges. Her last words were, "Thank you for listening, I have never been able to talk to someone the way I did."

Mr Ngaye.jpg

Mr Ngaye 

"Xa uphinda usiza uzofika ndineempumdu ezinkulu" meaning "When you come around around again I will have big bums". He was truly grateful for his whole family who were not there at the time.